Privacy Policy

Updated: December 4th 2023

Usage of this Website

This website will collect your IP address and pages viewed into access/error logs and is not use for user tracking.

We use offset CSS/JS which may collect the same information.

This is purely for server access monitoring

User/Modertor Login to this Website

As this is a admin/control tool that utilises Twitch oAuth to login, we'll naturally know whom you are on Twitch in order to determine which streamers bot dashboards to allow you access to.

We request read access to your Public Twitch Profile and your registered email address.

We do not collect your Email address only check it is present in order to determine that your Twitch account is verified.

Broadcaster Login to this Website

When a broadcaster links their Twitch account to this website we will request a number of private scopes in order to allow us to see whom your moderators, subscribers, followers, etc are to your channel. In order for your ChatBot to work as expected/respond accordingly.

We retain on file a cache of your Channel Moderators.

We retain any data you enter into commands for your bot.

Anything else (Twitch SubScriber states for example) we collect in real time from Chat/API and don't store retain

The Bot may retain chat samples/logs from your channel for debugging/playback testing

Data Deletion Request

In order to first use the bot you need to reach out to me for enablement. At which point we will have defined a suitable method to communicate, be that Discord, Twitter, email or something else.

Use that same method or reach out via